"I am currently working on four paintings..."

The main area of the Gustav Klimt Artist Trail along the promenade in Kammer-Schörfling and Seewalchen offers an overview of Klimt’s life and oeuvre as well as his motifs near his summer residences Villa Paulick and Villa Oleander on the northern shore of the Attersee (T1-T10).
(Walking time in each direction: approx. 30 minutes/1.5 km)

Further information panels on the northern shore can be found in the area surrounding the village of Litzlberg (L1-L5). The Artist Trail continues along the southern shore, with panels in Unterach, Steinbach and Weißenbach (W1-W3). The Forester’s House in Weißenbach, Klimt’s last lodgings on the Attersee (1914-1916), was twice captured by the artist. The panels in other municipalities afford further insights into Klimt’s sojourns on the Attersee.

Discover Gustav Klimt’s motifs

Some of the panels are equipped with square holes. Looking through these cut-outs, you can compose your own “Klimt landscapes”, much like the master used to do more than 100 years ago using his cardboard “viewfinder”. Your journey of discovery is further informed with texts in German and English as well as select illustrations of paintings, photographs and postcards found on every panel.

Interesting facts & anecdotes

Discover interesting facts and anecdotes from the life of Gustav Klimt on your walk along the Artist Trail, either by yourself or accompanied by an audio guide or local Klimt guide. Further highlights include the Artist Trail in Steinbach in the south and the Klimt bust by Valentin Znoba in Unterach. A trip aboard one of the Lake Attersee Shipping Company’s vessels provides an ideal connection between the panels on the northern and southern shore of the lake.

Tip: Have you taken your personal snapshot peeking through the face cut-outs from behind the cardboard figures of Gustav and Emilie in front of Schörfling Marina?