The Gustav Klimt Garden in Kammer-Schörfling on Lake Attersee

Gustav Klimt liked to get lost in the world of plants and flowers, whether in the backyard of his Josefstadt studio, in the enchanted artist garden of the Biedermeier studio in Hietzing or, above all, in his most extensive "place of longing", the Attersee. Klimt's enthusiasm for the floral splendor of nature unfolds particularly in his atmospheric landscape paintings, from the early orchards created around 1898 to his probably most fascinating garden depictions from 1907, which are no longer just pure representations of nature, but a free one on square canvases developed through the play of forces of colors, shapes and perspective.

Six garden paintings created by the master between 1907 and 1916 - Cottage Garden, Cottage Garden with Sunflowers, Orchard with Roses (Rose Garden), Cottage Garden with Crucifix, Italian Garden Landscape and Garden Path with Chickens - were the basis for an extensive plant concept that was used as a specification for the design of the approximately 100 square meter large and square flower beds with water lily basin and Rose hedges served in the Marina Bay.

In 2022, the garden, inspired by Klimt's summery paintings, underwent a seasonal and natural relaunch. Responsible for concept and relaunch were Michaela Köpl – Landschaftsplanung Köpl
and Peter Weinhäupl, Sandra Tretter - Klimt Foundation.

Furthermore, at the invitation of the Klimt Foundation, the artist Hannes Rohringer (Seewalchen) designed the imposing rowboat sculpture "Water Rose Gustav" in the Klimt Garden, which is marked by decay and refers to Klimt's passion for rowing and his poem "The Water Rose" written in 1917. The garden now no longer presents itself exclusively as a natural reference space for Klimt as the "artist of eternal blossoming", but now also has a contemporary as well as timeless Klimt landmark.

The project "Gustav Klimt Garden" was originally realized with funds from the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism.

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Christoph Hauser - room plan A
Peter Weinhäupl, Sandra Tretter - Klimt Foundation, Vienna