Welcome to the Gustav Klimt Museum!

We look forward to welcoming you again from Saturday, June 4th, 2022!

Details on the new special show "A summer like back then" to mark the 10th anniversary of the Klimt Center and the 160th birthday of Gustav Klimt can be found online here from mid-May.
So much in advance: This year the Klimt Foundation has once again succeeded in bringing an original Attersee landscape back to its place of origin in cooperation with Vienna's Leopold Museum!

First key data for the anniversary season [04.06.2022-23.10.2022]:

~ 06/04/2022-06/06/2022
Season start in the Klimt Museum, in the Klimt Garden & along the themed trail in Schörfling: guided tours with Klimt agents from the region (free with a valid ticket), art intervention "Water Rose Gustav" by Hannes Rohringer in the Klimt Garden.

~ 06/10/2022
1st International Gustav Klimt Symposium, Villa Paulick, Seewalchen.

~ 06/11/2022-08/28/2022
Season start at Villa Paulick with guided tours through the villa and garden.
Tickets can be booked from June 4, 2022 in the Klimt Center!

~ 02.07.2022-31.07.2022
The Klimt original painting "Am Attersee" (1900) from the Leopold Museum is a guest at the Klimt Center.

~ 07/16/07/17/07/24/2022
Klimt Personal: Scandalous, humorous and intimate things from and about Gustav Klimt. Read by the Josefstadt director chamber actor Herbert Föttinger and Silvia Meisterle, music: Helmut Jasbar.
Tickets can be booked already via Attergauer Kultursommer!

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The world-renowned artist on Lake Attersee

Comparable to Claude Monet’s Giverny, Paul Cézanne’s Provence and Egon Schiele’s Krumau, the Attersee was a place of unique artistic activity for Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). The world-renowned artist regularly spent the summer months between 1900 and 1916 in this region, preferably holidaying on the turquoise lake with his life partner Emilie Flöge (1874-1952).

Already in 1883 a travel guide on the Attersee mentioned that one would have to be a “highly capable painter”, if one wanted to “come close to determining the colors of the lake”. In 1900 Gustav Klimt managed to capture the shades of the Attersee so masterfully in a painting that the art critic Ludwig Hevesi called it a “frame full of lake water”. Gustav Klimt would ultimately be inspired by the Attersee to create the vast majority of his more than 50 known landscapes, which continue to delight art enthusiasts from all over the world.

In 2003 an Artist Trail was dedicated to the famous holiday guest in the Salzkammergut, while the Gustav Klimt Center opened in 2012 in Kammer-Schörfling in close proximity to the avenue of Schloss Kammer once painted by Klimt. In 2019, the Klimt Garden was opened in the immediate vicinity of the museum.

A visit to the Klimt Center, a walk along the Klimt Artist Trail or a boat ride on the Attersee will allow you to retrace Klimt’s steps and explore his impressive motifs on land or from the lake.

In 2022, the Klimt Center, which has meanwhile been awarded the Austrian museum seal of quality, will celebrate the 10th anniversary and 160th birthday of the world artist with the special show "A summer like back then".