“I long to be gone like never before!”

The successful opening exhibition marking the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt on 14th July 2012 was followed by a second, completely new permanent exhibition in 2015, when the running of the Klimt Center was taken over by the Klimt Foundation.

This presentation focuses on important personal and artistic milestones in the Jugendstil artist’s biography shaped by family, women, scandals, eroticism and honorable commissions. Another emphasis is on the Klimt Center’s unique location situated in close proximity to the avenue of Schloss Kammer, for this motif of the castle grounds inspired Klimt to create no fewer than six landscapes! 

The permanent exhibition was created in keeping with a message full of longing conveyed by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) in 1901 in a postcard sent to Emilie Flöge on the Attersee from the stifling metropolis Vienna: “I long to be gone like never before”. Every year, the presentation is supplemented with additional exhibition emphases.

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