"A summer like back then." Gustav Klimt at the Attersee 1900-1916

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Klimt Museum and the 160th birthday of Gustav Klimt, the Klimt Foundation curates the current anniversary show under the motto "A summer like back then". Gustav Klimt at the Attersee 1900-1916.

This wording awakens special thoughts in many people and in each of us probably vacation memories, thoughts of a world before the pandemic or longings for a past, cherished moment.

For Gustav Klimt's seventeen-year summer sojourns here at Lake Attersee, the region was a place of longing and a pleasant memory of relaxing, inspiring and artistic visits. Dive with us into Klimt's past summers, into a world of established summer resorts in the Salzkammergut, accompanied by cultural tourism and infrastructure milestones. The journey to the vacation destination, sporting activities on the water or on land, bathing and leisure fashion, architecture and furnishings, impressions of nature and excursion destinations, as well as, of course, the weather or the cuisine must not be missing from this vacation list. Authentic quotes from Gustav Klimt navigate you through the exhibition themes.

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